Thursday, 4 December 2014

Title Ideas

It took really long to find a title that suited our film and made it more attractive to the audience. We wanted something that reflected our storyline. So we did some research and found titles that already existed. Most titles that we found had a little " Spook ". For example " Black Swan", " The Silence of The Lambs", "The Cell", "The Ring" and "The Machinist".

We wanted to use the title "Stalker" but then saw that a TV Drama had already took the name. So we decided we wanted a title which is short, and came up with the word "Shadow". We thought this title gave an element of mystery. We picked the word " Shadow" because we thought it linked to our plot. Our antagonist is being stalked by her ex husband, it's as if they are inseparable like a shadow to a body.

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