Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Choice of Equipment: school camcorder, Sony HD camcorder, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 or Samsung Camera, and standard tripod.

School camcorder, had limited pace, and we didn't feel comfortable using it. Our phones had good cameras to record, but space would've been a problem. As well as using a certain type of tripod to do specific shots with our phone this isn't available. The Samsung camera was good however; it ran on 4 AA batteries, which seem to run out with a short period of time, so it wasn't as efficient we wanted it to be. The Sony camcorder, produced good video quality, was easy to use, able to fit on the tripod had great flexibility for us e.g. flip screen. So we chose this camera to record the opening of our film.
Similar to School Camcorder 
Same model of Sony Camcorder that we used.

Samsung Camera that run on AA batteries.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera

Similar model to the tripod that we used.

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