Monday, 30 March 2015

Location Recce

When we first had a rough idea of what we wanted our film to be like, we decided a few locations to film it. We thought that when our actress needs to look at an offer that reminds of her of a moment, which takes the audience to a flashback; we thought that we should film it in Harrow shopping centre. Harrow shopping centre consists of St Ann's, and St George's. These were are first locations for that scene.

We also thought that for our chase scene we could do it at the park next our school, Centenary Park in Stanmore. We thought this was best fit for our scene as it had lots of space for the chase scene , usually empty and looks very gloomy.

However we came to realise that the harrow shopping centre was too public and has many extraneous variables that could affect  our filming and make it very difficult for us. We also needed permission from the council to film in the shopping centre. Moreover the distance between the Park and the shopping centre became an issue for us.

So we thought of another location which could be more beneficial to us. My partner  has relatives that own a beauty shop in harrow wealdstone and right next to that ,she had  relative who owned a flat that we could use. There was also an alley way nearby to use for our chase scene. We had 3 locations in one which made it so much easier to film. We only needed permission for the relatives who willingly let us use their shop and flat.

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