Monday, 6 October 2014

Jokes Script 1

                           Jokes            Draft 1 

Nasser walks in wearing casual clothes and sits down on the couch opposite najma. Najma is on her phone texting and browsing. 

      Nasser : Hey Hey Hey ( persistent) 
      Najma : What (slightly annoyed) 
Pause (lasts 10 seconds) 
      Najma rolls her eyes 

      Nasser : Do you want to hear a joke  about construction? 
      Najma : okay then 
Nasser giggles 

      Nasser : Um, bob. 
      Najma : Bob what?  
      Nasser : Bob the builder.  

Nasser bursts with laughter for 20 seconds before Najma rolls her eyes, sighs and leaves. 


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