Friday, 17 October 2014

Time Plan For Trailer

1st week- Decide what genre you’re doing and do research and planning in detail (look on the internet watch thriller films and horror film trailers that received awards, take not in shots used and sound used.    
2nd week -   Plan the storyline and what parts are we going to show in the trailer and do a shot list. Discuss with partner about this. Also decide what locations are we going to use and what time of day are we going to film.
3rd week: test out filming cameras see which one is better see different ways of filming (one camera or two cameras) choose filming technique which is best for us. Decide actors and their roles and start to film something. Keep filming until you feel that it’s the best you can do.
4th week: (Everything must’ve been filmed by now) – Try different editing softwares and see which one is best to use. Edit the trailer and review it. Do different version of edits and see which one is best to use to succeed aim (if horror; to scare them- if thriller; to intrigue them)

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