Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Preliminary Evaluation

After my first filming experience I realised that filming isn't as easy as it looks and that it's really difficult not just for me but for my actors too. This was because we had to run over different shots again as I was not used to using and adjusting a tripod.

However I think what went well is the way I filmed it, for example I leant filming a shots separately is easier for later editing, because it appears as natural editing when you're watching all the shots together. When I was filming I think I used the 180 degree rule well as it was clear where actors were. Also I think I used  shot reverse shot really well  with the dialogue because when looking over  It looked like it was an actual conversation. Match on action was used well in the film although I think it could be improved.

I was well prepared for the task , as made a time plan before hand and a script for my actors to use. However I ended up not following my script and doing something completely different, which I think worked out well.

What didn't work well when I was filming is how I was using the tripod. The tripod at times was loose and at times too stiff. At ne point the camera was slanting so I had to adjust the tripod all over again, I then eventually gave up and filmed without a tripod

I would improve the way I filmed by using a different camera and gaining experience on my tripod as well as being prepared for the unexpected.

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