Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Idents ( Creating my own )

The title that me and my partner decided to use for are ident is Shocker Productions. We chose this name because we are doing a thriller name and it's something that is easy to remember and produce an ident for. I did some research on how to create titles and idents on youtube.

Here is a 3D title that has a fire effect, If i chose this as an ident it would give a big entrance to my film and that''s not what i'm looking for however, it's good to have experience and gain extra knowledge on how to produce something like this.

I like the way the ident is produced in this video, however it's not the atmosphere i want in for my opening thriller. I need something that represents my film. However i could consider this an option if i am unable to find a good way of presenting my ident.

After watching this video, this is something that i really want to do for my ident, by blending 2 videos to give another effect. It's very clever and a unique way to present your ident.

I did further research on using free videos to create my ident with, and i found a site called videezy.com. It's a website which is free for anyone to use, but mainly people interested in filming use. It provides free copyright films, which is shared internationally by anyone who films anything.
I found 2 possible videos to use in my ident.

The first video i found was of a moon in a pitch black atmosphere next to a tree. This is a suggestible choice as it brings a gloomy effect.

 I kept searching for different videos to use and found one that suits my title "Shocker Productions".  This video is of a lightning storm in Sweden which someone filmed. It has the perfect atmosphere for my ident and is very likely going to be used.

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