Tuesday, 10 February 2015



 In the Bugs Bunny movie the ident has manipulated the way they present their ident, so the audience can favor them. This version of the Warner Bros ident, is presented by bugs bunny, he jumps up and spins the banner across the logo to show it's " family entertainment". This shows that idents an be manipulated or changed to suit the film's opening atmosphere or as a chance to inhibit the films characteristics.

20th Century Fox does a similar thing for The Simpsons Movie. Ralph appears in the sequence by singing along to the traditional anthem of the 20th Century Fox Intro. This brings humor o the audience as they know that ralph is a comedic character in The Simpsons and this would be something that he'd do. The ident is presented in a very grand way with spotlights and 20th Century Fox in big gold writing.

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