Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Opening of Thrillers

The opening scene of this film Memento directed by Christopher Nolan, is a very unique way of capturing the audience. There is only one shot type, for 1 minute and 15 seconds, which is a close up of the man's hand and photo of a crime scene. The title appears, and to keep the audience locked in, the photo starts to fade, However it then becomes clear to us that this scene is done backwards. It reveals, the  protagonists character as a murderer and a possible psycho as he takes pictures of his murders.

This is another film directed by Christopher Nolan. The opening scene shows  us an establishing shot of top hats. Then narration starts, we get to see who is narrating by the next shot of an old man looking after birds. He then continues his narration of the a story that as the audience need to know to have the basic information and knowledge to understand the rest of the film. We also see the narration visually acted out, to make it even more clear and interesting to the audience.

Pulp Fiction is directed by a very famous and successful director called Quentin Tarantino. The opening scene is very interesting it's a conversation between two characters contemplating aloud about a what they want to do. This then leads to an argument, this reveals to the audience how the characters are in this film and what it might be about. It also has some humour when the dialogue develops, as they're talking about robberies the man says "nobody ever robs restaurants" ironically they're in a restaurant which they decide on the spot to rob.

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